"Tomorrow is not promised, but Eternity is.  Therefore, my desire is that the words I write will have an eternal impact on you.  How you think, how you live, how you view yourself, and  most importantly, how you view God.  God spoke and it came to be.  Likewise, as we speak we change the spiritual atmosphere around us.  My prayer is that I will be an ambassador for God, by what I say and by what I don't say.  We are spiritual beings, made in the image of God.  Let us speak spiritual words and change eternity!  This is The Art of Spoken Power.  For we are not born of the perishable seed, but of the imperishable Seed, which is the Word of God.  God bless you and inspire you with his Spirit and his Word. " - Jessica Lee Schenk

March 2014 / "Have No Fear" Music Video Launch




Filmed in the stunning botanical gardens of the Speke Resort in Munyono, Uganda as well as a remote village in Mpigi - this film captures not only the beauty of the land, but also the beauty of the people.


As two parallel stories unfold, it becomes apparent to a young poet searching for the freedom to fly, that she has a common deliverance with a street child named "Edward".


Featuring special guest Benon Mugumbya and first time actor Edward Kayemba.  Edward's life was transformed by  Kitenge Africa Foundation, a grass-roots organization which aims to transform the lives of vulnerable and abandoned  youth through strategic acts of compassion.

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December 2013 / Uganda / Arts Camp



"Healing Through the Arts"


Wisdom In Rhyme, Inc partnered with Kitenge Africa Foundation, M-M-Movement and Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts to do a 6 day arts camp for the vulnerable and/or orphaned, former street children. Wisdom In Rhyme's mission was to teach the children the power of their own words and help them to recognize their own voice within their hearts, as well as God's voice within them. As a team, our objective was to use the arts (dance, drama, singing, poetry). to bring healing and confidence to their hearts, minds, and spirits.



October 2013 / "Voices" Music Video Launch



An action packed video featuring a collaboration of performance art, including ballerina Mary Marshall, hip-hop dancer James "Sug" Singleton and performance painter Mike Debus.


Filmed in Kansas City, MO and featuring locations such as the rooftops of the crossroads district, graffiti-filled "west bottoms", St. Peter's Cathedral and The Culture House of Performing Arts.


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